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Milano Men's Fashion


Milan is a fashion mecca where trend-setting men always look sophisticated and chic

Milano Fine Men’s Fashion takes this to heart when they hand sew every custom-made suit and shirt to your individual measurements.

There is nothing that compares the confidence of knowing that you are looking your best, and custom-made dress shirts from Milano Fine Men’s Fashion can help you gain that confidence. Milano Fine Men’s Fashion uses the finest fabrics and a sharp sense of style to help you achieve that exclusive look that is both modern and classic.

It all begins when you visit the store on Long Island to discuss your personal style with the professional staff at Milano Fine Men’s Fashion.

The staff can help you create custom dress shirts for exactly the right occasion, and they can help you choose the right fabrics and colors for both your look and the occasion. Everything is tailor-made and hand sewn guaranteeing a custom fit for your specific measurements, so you can rest assured that your custom made suits are one-of-a-kind.

Milano Fine Men’s Fashion can create:

The superior craftsmanship that goes into every custom made piece is evident from the first glance, and wearing custom made suits that are made to measure and created with true quality will really stand out.

All suit tailoring is done by hand in the store, and they can create a perfectly fitted suit from both quality name brands as well as the house signature collection. Whether you are looking for a suit for the boardroom or the ballroom, Milano Fine Men’s Fashion can send you away looking like you have just stepped off the runway.

Taking a cue from the fashion weeks of both New York and Milan, Milano Fine Men’s Fashion provides clothing for both summer and winter as well as casual and formal occasions. Whether you are a classic or modern type, the traditional style craftsmanship at Milano Fine Men’s Fashion will provide you with the bespoke piece of clothing you have always dreamed up.

Between the perfectly measured custom-made shirts and the individually unique custom button holes, Milano Fine Men’s Fashion will provide you with the perfect fit. Your new suit will be as individual as you are, and with such exquisite attention to detail, it will never go unnoticed.